The missile arrived at the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s warehouses near Crimea – RosZMI

On the evening of June 18, a missile hit the territory of the Black Sea armored warehouses of the Russian Federation fleet in occupied Crimea.

Dzherelo: ASTRA Iz poslannyam na dzherela

Verbatim: “The missile hit the territory of the warehouses of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, a legacy of the evening missile attack on Crimea.

…One of the missiles hit the territory of military unit 63876 near the village of Tsukrova Golivka near Sevastopol – there is a dismantled warehouse for the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The territory of the military unit was destroyed, one military serviceman was injured.”

Details: According to the Telegram channel, during the hour of the missile attack, more than 350 police officers were evacuated from the Sevastopol Ministry of Internal Affairs.


  • On the evening of the 18th, anonymous Telegram channels announced vibukh in the area of ​​the village of Tsukrova Golovka in Sevastopol.
  • The Crimea reported that at least 4 warehouses with armored equipment, including missiles, for the Russian Army have been dismantled in the area.
  • Appointments to Russia, the “governor” of Sevastopol commented on the vibrations as follows: “Near the Sukharnaya Balka area, our fleet is repelling an attack from airborne targets. All services have been brought to combat readiness. Near the Tsukrova Head – dim, the warriors have already entered the “Information about the damage to the infrastructure – to be confirmed” .
  • In his words, a rocket was shot down in the Kara-Kobi area, the combat part detonated on the ground, in the field. He insisted that no one was harmed.

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