The Ministry of Labor announced a doubling of the maximum amount of sick leave by 2025

By 2025, the maximum amount of sick leave will double – from 2,737 to 5,674 rubles. About it reported “Izvestia” with reference to the materials for the budget of the Social Fund for 2024–2026.

In addition, the maximum amounts of benefits for pregnancy and child care up to one and a half years will be increased – to 794,356 and 68,900 rubles. respectively. This year, the maximum payments for 140 days of maternity leave are 383,179 rubles, and the amount of the monthly child care benefit does not exceed 33,282 rubles.

When paying both sick leave and maternity and child care benefits, the amount of payments will depend on the employee’s length of service and his average earnings over the previous two years.

This is the first draft budget that was formed after the merger of the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund into a single structure. In 2024, the total budget of the Social Fund will be 16.2 trillion rubles, including 16 trillion rubles generated from insurance contributions and transfers from the federal budget. The remaining amount is the funds from the carryover balance of the fund’s budget for 2023.

Previously “Kommersant” wrote, draft budget of the Social Fund for 2024-2026. provides for expenses for sick leave, maternity and child care benefits in the amount of about 1.1 trillion rubles. It is expected that another 2.2 trillion rubles. the fund will be used to support families with children, including payments of a single benefit, maternity capital, one-time benefits for the birth of a child, etc. About 10 trillion rubles. will be used to pay pensions.

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