The Ministry of Industry and Trade has determined a list of cars for use by officials


The Ministry of Industry and Trade has determined a list of car brands that will be priority for use by state and municipal employees for official purposes, the press service of the ministry reported.

The recommended list includes domestic brands Lada (models Vesta, Vesta SW Cross, Granta, Niva Travel, Niva Legend), UAZ (“Patriot”, “Pickup”, “Profi”, “Hunter”, SGR), Aurus (Senat, Komendant), “Moskvich” (3, 3е, 6), Evolute (I-Pro, I-Joy, I- Sky), as well as the Haval brand (Jolion, Dargo, F7/F7x, H9), writes TASS with reference to a message from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. This list is planned to be updated as new domestic models enter the market.

It is clarified that the list of the Ministry of Industry and Trade includes cars with a Russian VIN number that are produced in Russia under special investment contracts. For officials, it is necessary to first consider the purchase of highly localized models. At the same time, with a permit, the procedure for obtaining which is established by order of the ministry, it is allowed to purchase cars with a localization below the threshold value for access to government procurement (in 2023 – at least 3200 points).

In early August, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with heads of manufacturing enterprises, said that all Russian officials should drive domestically produced cars. After this, the Ministry of Industry and Trade reported that Russian automakers have all the necessary capacity to supply cars to government agencies.

On September 12, during the plenary meeting of the EEF, Putin toldthat the government and department managers have built a “chain” of officials switching to domestic cars.


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