The Ministry of Emergency Situations proposed to ban vaping in public places

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations proposes to allow smoking of electronic cigarettes, vapes and other devices for nicotine consumption only in specially designated areas. Draft amendments to fire regulations published on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The amended resolution may come into force on March 1, 2025. In particular, the Ministry of Emergency Situations proposes to ban not only tobacco smoking in public places, warehouses, etc., but also “the use of devices for consuming nicotine-containing products.” Smoking electronic cigarettes will now also be possible only in specially designated areas, which are indicated by the “Smoking Area” sign.

On June 1, a law banning the sale of vapes and electronic cigarettes (including those without nicotine) to minors, as well as tightening the rules for the circulation of such devices, came into force in Russia. Such devices can now only be purchased in stores and pavilions; remote sales are prohibited.

By data Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, since the beginning of 2023, over 35,900 fires have occurred in Russia due to carelessness when smoking, killing 1,749 people. Smoking is now prohibited in certain areas and facilities, as well as in public places. In particular, smoking is prohibited on beaches, playgrounds, gas stations, schools, sanatoriums, theaters, etc.

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