The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine supported the legalization of same-sex marriage

The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine supported the bill on “registered partnerships,” including for same-sex unions. Verkhovna Rada deputy Inna Sovsun reported this on her Telegram channel.

“The Ministry of Defense changed its position and supported the bill on registered partnerships. But that is not all. The Ministry of Justice, which was supposed to develop an alternative bill on partnerships, also changed its position,” she wrote, explaining that the Ministry of Justice is preparing amendments to the bill for the second reading.

According to her, the negative conclusions of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Defense “blocked further progress of the bill in parliament.” The Ministry of Justice believes that the adoption of the amendments will allow Ukraine to fulfill its obligations under Art. 8 of the Human Rights Convention and will eliminate grounds for suing the country for discrimination, she explained. “The Ministry of Justice evaluates the bill as the first progressive step towards a constructive dialogue with society,” writes Sovsun.

In March, Sovsun announced that she had submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on “registered partnerships,” which could also be used by LGBT couples. The authors of the bill propose to introduce a new institution for those who do not want or cannot enter into a classical marriage. Sovsun clarified that the institute should determine mutual rights and obligations, as well as regulate issues in the field of property, inheritance, social security, etc. Military and civilian, as well as same-sex and opposite-sex couples can use it, she emphasized.

The deputy then explained that Western allies demand this from Ukraine, but she was prompted to develop the bill by communication with LGBT military personnel, whose problems she saw. She also referred to survey data showing that 56% of Ukrainians completely or somewhat agree that LGBT people should have the right to “civil partnerships.”

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