The Military Forces commented "Kinjali over the Black Sea": perhaps, Russian horror stories for NATO

New threats from Russian President Volodimir Putin about MiG-31K patrolling the Black Seaperhaps, directly to increase the voltage, but will not fundamentally change anything for the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Dzherelo: Riverman of the Military Forces Colonel Yuriy Ignat at the commentary of “Ukrainian Truth”

Direct language: “For Ukraine, the new statement of the aggressor does not change anything especially, Russia is constantly threatening our region with various types of armed forces. And the statement of the fallen dictator, his press secretary commented more clearly.

On the technical side, the characteristics of the aerobalistic missile X-47 “Kinjal” allow Russia to launch it across the territory of Ukraine both directly and in a similar direction, the waters of the Black Sea – and in another direction. At the same time, Russian aviation is constantly patrolling the windy expanse there, in front of the burglars and the intelligence agencies.”

Details: Nowadays, according to Ignat, it is possible that Putin’s threats are more direct for the Ukrainian-NATO, as they potentially sink into the “Kindzhali” strike zone, like the devil’s “Putin’s horror story.” The X-47 missile is designed to carry a tactical nuclear warhead, just like the Caliber missiles on Russian ships in the Black and Azov seas, according to the military forces.

The Crimea’s partner countries are confidently raising their forces in order to transfer the Russian MiGs to the neutral windy expanse above the Black Sea.

To clarify the UP, and yet the potential for frequent evil of the “Kinjali” noses means more frequent alarm sirens for Ukrainians, Ignat said, which, obviously, with the right information about evil And in the wake of the MiG-31K from the “Dagger”, the alarm will rise.

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