The media learned the probable reason for the transfer of Israeli ground operations in Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has postponed its ground operation in the Gaza Strip due to weather – cloud cover could prevent drone operators from providing air support to the army. About it reported The New York Times newspaper.

“The invasion was originally planned for the weekend but was delayed several days due to weather conditions that would have made it more difficult for Israeli pilots and drone operators to provide air cover to ground forces,” Israeli officers told the newspaper.

At the same time, as the newspaper notes, it remains unclear what Israel will do with Gaza if it captures the area. Analysts also wonder what exactly Israeli officials mean when they describe the destruction of the leadership of the Palestinian group Hamas.

On the morning of October 7, Hamas militants invaded Israel, accusing its authorities of oppression and violations of the rights of Palestinians. The militants attacked the border units of the Israeli army and entered populated areas, taking military and civilian hostages.

The Israel Defense Forces responded by launching Operation Iron Swords, initiating large-scale bombing of the Gaza Strip. The total number of deaths during the clashes exceeded 3,500 people. Residents and guests of Israel were reported abducted by militants; according to the latest data, there are about 150 prisoners.

According to former officer and director of the International Institute for Combating Terrorism at Reichman University in Israel, Miri Eisin, a ground operation is the only way to reach the hostages. At the same time, as Eisin noted, the risk of killing prisoners by militants also remains.

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