The Marshall Islands and Maldives will go under water due to climate change

Global warming will lead to irreversible consequences for some island territories. Due to rising water levels in the World Ocean, the Marshall Islands, Maldives and Tuvalu, which have a total population of one million people, are under threat of flooding. Scientists have come to these conclusions. The results of their research were published in Livescience.

However, experts cannot accurately predict which atolls will be under water. Researcher Geronimo Gussmann explained that coral islands are very dynamic: they quickly change shape and can even join together.

Coral reefs on Manadhoo Island in the Maldives are able to accumulate sand, slowing the speed of waves. But as the water temperature rises, most of the coral will die.

The island of Roy-Namur in the Marshall Islands may be left without drinking water by 2060. It’s all about tidal waves, which pollute fresh groundwater with salt.

Tides will flood Fongafale Island in Tuvalu by 20100. The state authorities have created an artificial hill on one side of the island, but scientists suggest that such protection will not be enough.

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