The lower regions are deafened by alarm, suddenly, overnight, crooked roses

The military forces of the ZSU voiced a renewed alarm on the evening of the 20th in the lower regions of Ukraine, the local government of Krivoy Rog reported about the vibrations in the area.

Dzherelo: Power in TelegramHead For the defense of Krivoy Rog OleksandrVilkul

Details: At 23:51 the alarm was raised in the Kirovograd, Mykolayiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Zaporizhzhya and Donetsk regions.

Just then Oleksandr Vilkul informed about the bump at Crooked Rose.

What was it blowing?:

  • Evening 20th Eve Russia hit me with a rocket according to the dacha cooperative in Krivoy Rozi, it’s dead.

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