The last video with the deceased dancer Dmitry Krasilov has been published

On Monday evening, it became known about the death of dancer and actor Dmitry Krasilov, known to the public under the pseudonym “Pukhlyash.”

On the eve of this news, he was still delighting fans by giving an interview at the premiere of the film “New Year’s Ol Inclusive” in Moscow. A video appeared on social networks, which was published by KP, where he sings, dances and communicates with everyone, and also gave a rhyming message to Santa Claus.

A few days ago, Krasilov took part in the filming of the New Year’s broadcast of MUZ-TV and was preparing to become one of the presenters.

Dmitry’s biography began on June 22, 1994 in the small town of Zarinsk in Altai. Since childhood, he showed interest in pop dancing, and in 2016 he received diplomas as an actor and director of drama theater and cinema at the Altai State Institute of Culture. He was also a participant in the popular show “Dancing”, aired on the TNT channel.

However, Dmitry received real fame and recognition on March 12, 2020 after the release of the video for the song “Uno” by Little Big, with which the group planned to perform at Eurovision. He also appeared in another video of this group, participated in various projects and shows, starred in films and commercials.

Let us remind you that the death of Dmitry Krasilov was recorded in his apartment on Monday. Previously, the cause of his death could have been heart failure associated with excess weight.

He had been feeling unwell in recent days and decided to return home at the event.

Later it was reported that a video appeared on the network showing how Dmitry Krasilov’s body was taken out of his apartment and placed in a funeral service car. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

Previously it became known that, according to close friends, he often said: “I know I won’t live long.” Heart problems were the main cause of his anxiety.

What does endocrinologist Zuhra Pavlova do? statedthat intense dances, such as those Krasilov practiced, can place enormous stress on the skeleton and heart muscle.

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