The Kremlin explained the increase in Russian defense spending

Russia’s significant increase in defense spending, included in the draft federal budget, is associated with the hybrid war unleashed against the country and the ongoing special operation in Ukraine. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov told reporters about this.

“It is obvious here that such an increase is absolutely necessary, because we live in a state of hybrid war, we continue a special military operation. I mean the hybrid war that is unleashed against us. And this requires high costs,” he said.

As Vedomosti previously wrote, the draft budget for 2024 provides for the allocation of 10.07 trillion rubles for national defense. – 29.3% of all expenses. Spending on national security could amount to 3.4 trillion rubles. (9.2%), for social policy – 7.7 trillion rubles. (21.1%), and for the national economy – 3.9 trillion rubles. (10.7%).

The open part of the budget next year indicates 25.5 trillion out of 36.6 trillion rubles, as follows from the explanatory note. For program items (in the context of state programs that underlie the formation of the budget), the closed part in 2024 is 3.8 trillion out of 24.07 trillion rubles, for non-program items (including the development of the pension system) – 7.3 trillion out of RUB 12.56 trillion

Next year, expenses will increase by 24% compared to the approved budget – to 36.6 trillion rubles, income – by 29% to 35 trillion rubles. Oil and gas revenues for 2024 are projected at 11.504 trillion rubles, non-oil and gas revenues at 23.522 trillion rubles. It is noted that the growth of the NNGD relative to 2023 is due to a number of “one-time” revenues; a further increase in the indicator is associated with an increase in revenues from main internal taxes.

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