The Kremlin called Biden’s words about Putin unacceptable

Moscow considers unacceptable the words of US President Joe Biden, who tried to draw parallels between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the Palestinian group Hamas. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov told reporters about this.

“It’s unlikely that such rhetoric is suitable for responsible state leaders. It is unlikely that such rhetoric can be acceptable to us. We do not accept such a tone towards the Russian Federation, towards our president,” he said.

According to Peskov, the “Putin theme” has become a constant in the rhetoric of the American establishment and is an integral part of US political life. Biden, he added, announced his intention to continue to put pressure on Russia, but did not say anything about the fact that all these efforts have so far been ineffective.

“They will remain ineffective in the future,” the Kremlin representative is confident.

On October 19, Biden made a televised address to the nation, in which he spoke, among other things, about the situation in Ukraine and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. “Supporting our critical partners, including Israel and Ukraine, is a smart investment that will pay dividends for generations,” he said, noting that he plans to submit a request to the US Congress on October 20 “to fund American national security needs.”

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