The Kerivna Party of Poland spends the 10th month in the Senate for the elections

The leading party of Poland “Law and Justice” will spend more than a dozen seats in the Senate during the parliamentary elections, and not a little more during the previous term.

RMF24 reports about this, writes “European Truth”.

According to journalists’ estimates based on the total number of votes cast, “Pis” takes 34 seats from the Senate, which means that the Senate has 48 representatives.

The “Community Coalition” bloc will soon win 44 seats and become the largest faction in the upper house.

“Livitsa” definitely takes the 9th place, and “Third Way” takes the top spot.

Five more senators gained support for the elections, running within the framework of the “Senate Pact” between the “Community Coalition”, “Livitsa” and “Third Way”.

Guess I’ll keep my pouches hidden even more voices in the elections, “PiS” became the formal winner, but the chance to form an order was given to the opposition – “Community Coalition”, “Third Way” and “Livytsia”, which already at the stage of the campaign were considered one and the same as allies for forming a coalition. Such a coalition takes away about 250 mandates from the Seimas, whereas 231 mandates are enough for the majority.

On Monday, representatives of the Third Way bloc said: turn off the possibility of coalition negotiations from PiS.

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