The Israeli army said it intercepted five of nine rockets fired from Lebanon.

Israel’s air defense system has intercepted five missiles fired at Israel from Lebanon, and the military is carrying out retaliatory strikes at the launch site. reported The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in its Telegram channel.

In total, Lebanon fired nine rockets into Israeli territory, the report said.

“According to protocol, the IDF air defense system intercepted five missiles. The IDF is currently conducting strikes at the launch site in Lebanon,” the IDF said.

The Israeli military initially reported that an IDF military post along the Lebanese border had come under fire from anti-tank missiles, with soldiers returning artillery fire in the direction of the launch.

By information The Times of Israel, the Palestinian group Hamas has claimed responsibility for the rocket attack on northern Israel. The organization said in a statement that its Lebanese branch fired about 20 rockets into Nahariya “in response to the crimes of occupation against our people in the Gaza Strip.” It is noted that no one was injured as a result of the attack. According to the IDF, four of the nine rockets fired from Lebanon fell in open areas.

Formerly soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces prevented a group of terrorists entered the country from Lebanon, the IDF reported. As a result, several people were killed using drones. The Lebanese group Hezbollah has promised not to conduct military operations against Israel if it does not begin to “persecute” Lebanon, Foreign Minister of the Middle Eastern republic Abdallah Bouhabib said earlier.

On October 7, the Palestinian group Hamas began military operations against Israel. The militants attacked army border units, entered Israeli populated areas and took an unknown number of military and civilian hostages. The Israel Defense Forces announced the launch of Operation Iron Swords, the Israeli government announced that the country had gone into a state of war, and the authorities promised to destroy Hamas.

On October 14, the Israeli military announced its readiness to begin the next stage of the military operation in the Gaza Strip, which includes a ground invasion of the Palestinian enclave. The next day, media reported that the IDF had postponed the ground operation due to weather, as cloud cover could prevent drone operators from supporting the army from the air.

In Israel and the Gaza Strip, more than 3,500 people have been killed since the start of hostilities, including more than 2,300 Palestinians among the victims.

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