The Israeli army announced the liquidation of a senior member of the Hamas Politburo


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) killed a senior member of the Hamas Politburo, Zakaria Abu Maamr. About it reported IDF press office.

“During the night, an IDF aircraft struck Zechariah Abu Maamar, a senior member of the political bureau of the terrorist organization Hamas and head of its internal affairs department. He was a senior Hamas leader and coordinator of terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip,” the report said.

The representative office said that Abu Maamar participated “in the organization’s decision-making and planning of numerous terrorist actions against Israel.”

Previously IDF reported, that last night, “Hamas Minister of Economy” Jawad Abu Shamal was killed in a military plane strike. He allegedly managed the group’s finances and provided money to finance terrorism inside and outside Gaza.

On October 7, the Palestinian group Hamas began military operations against Israel. The Israel Defense Forces responded by launching Operation Iron Swords, and the government declared the country was going into a state of war.

The total number of deaths on both sides exceeded 1,700. According to the latest data, about 1,000 people died in Israel, and more than 700 died in Palestine. The Islamic group has also kidnapped people en masse. The exact number of Israelis abducted is unknown, but Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said that more than 100 people were captured by militants. The media reported that Hamas has prisoners with dual citizenship, including Russian.


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