The Internet showed how Pugacheva’s son spends time in Cyprus

The holidays for Alla Pugacheva’s younger children, who last year entered one of the best educational institutions in Israel, continue. A video appeared on social networks with the singer’s son spending time in Cyprus.

Harry enjoys the warmth and swims in the Mediterranean Sea, and his father filmed it. Daughter Lisa most likely spent time with her mother and was not included in the photo. Recently, Pugacheva herself was also seen at the resort during a walk. The celebrity does not say anything about a possible return to Israel.

Also on the Internet they continue to discuss the financial situation of Kristina Orbakaite’s mother. According to rumors, Pugacheva is allegedly actively looking for ways to make money, and is even considering the possibility of holding private parties. It is possible that Lisa and Harry wanted to help their parents earn money. Last week, for example, they advertised a flower delivery service.

Earlier it was reported that the ex-wife of Alexander Gradsky criticized his widow. Details in the material Public News Service

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