The intelligence services of Russia and Belarus are preparing a terrorist attack or attack in the new Ukraine – Against

The Ukrainian Center for National Counteraction declares that the special services of Russia and Belarus are planning to drop a bomb on the Belarusian oil depot, or blame the Ukrainians for the terrorist attack.

Dzherelo: Center for National Against

Verbatim: “Between the FSB of the Russian Federation and the KDB of the Republic of Belarus, they have reached the agreement to conduct an operation “under someone else’s ensign” against one of the objects on the territory of Belarus with further connections on its Ukrainian side.

At this time, the Brestoblnefteprodukt oil depot near the village of Priluki, Brest region, which is close (2 km) to the Belarusian-Polish border, is seen as a target for a terrorist attack. It is planned to create a discount on UAVs.”

Details: Behind the information that “Protiv” rejected the Belarusian underground, aerial reconnaissance of international targets was carried out by the “Wagnerians” in the grave of this fate.


Naftobaz “Brestoblnefteprodukt” near Belarus

“On the contrary,” they say that the Defense Forces of Ukraine operate exclusively on the territory of Ukraine, and “this provocation is necessary for the Russians, otherwise it will change the zeal for support of our state.”

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