The IDF will soon restore Gaza in the middle – Israel

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant told troops gathered near the Gaza Strip on June 19 that they would “soon destroy” the enclave “in the middle.”

Dzherelo: CNN with instructions for the release of the defense department

Direct language Galanta: “You pump Gaza from afar, you’ll pump it in the middle. The team will come.”

Details: I recently wrote that Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu was on a regular visit to the area bordering the Gaza Strip on the 19th, also announcing the offensive.

“The entire people of Israel stand behind you, and we will strike our enemies with a strong blow in order to achieve victory. For victory! Are you ready?” Netanyahu declared to the military, which will be stationed near the Gazi Strip.

Also, the four commanders of the IDF Command, Major General Yaron Finkelman, told the troops at the foreign border that “maneuvers to shift the war to the other side of the enemy” and that the IDF can defeat the enemy. toria.

“This maneuver will be long, important, challenging, intense, and we have the best commanders and fighters that the IDF can field,” Finkelman said.


  • Earlier this year, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN stated that Israel “does not have any problems” with the occupation of Gazi, but will do “everything necessary” to eliminate Hamas.

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