The head of Dagestan announced the formation of the “Caspian” volunteer battalion

The volunteer battalion “Caspian” began to be formed in Dagestan to participate in a special operation. About it stated the head of the republic Sergei Melikov in his Telegram channel.

“I consider this initiative to be very important, noble and symbolic. <...> This was also the case during the Great Patriotic War, when our fellow countrymen besieged the military registration and enlistment offices, demanding to be sent to the front, and en masse joined the ranks of the militia. This was the case in 1999, when the republic and all of Russia, its constitutional order, were in real danger. In those days, Dagestanis, shoulder to shoulder with Russian military personnel, courageously repelled the aggression of international terrorists and defended their native land from criminal attacks,” Melikov recalled.

The head of the republic said that during the special operation, Dagestanis also “show their best side”: they take part as volunteers and send tons of humanitarian aid to the combat zone.

Melikov gave the example of Bashkortostan, Kursk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk regions, Yakutia, Primorsky Krai and Karelia, where volunteer squads and battalions have already been created.

“I am confident that future fighters of the Caspian volunteer battalion will become an example of true patriotism and selfless service to the Motherland,” concluded Melikov.

September 22 to the State Duma contributed a package of bills that will allow the Russian Guard to include volunteer formations. The authors of the documents emphasize that the volunteer units of the Russian Guard will not differ in any way from the same formations of the Ministry of Defense. They plan to conclude contracts directly with citizens, so PMCs and other structures will not be able to join them.

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