The government has lifted the moratorium on inspections of vape and hookah stores

The Government of the Russian Federation, after an appeal from four State Duma committees, lifted the moratorium on inspections of vape and hookah stores until January 1, 2025. About this reported head of the Duma Committee on Youth Policy Artem Metelev in his Telegram channel.

“This will be followed by massive inspections of points of sale of vapes for compliance with the law. There are no longer any restrictions for supervisory authorities,” he wrote.

On June 1, a law banning the sale of vapes and electronic cigarettes (including those without nicotine) to minors, as well as tightening the rules for the circulation of such devices, came into force in Russia. Such devices can now only be purchased in stores and pavilions; remote sales are prohibited.

In October, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia suggested allow smoking of electronic cigarettes, vapes and other devices for nicotine consumption only in specially designated areas. Later, the Accounts Chamber in its conclusion on the draft federal budget suggested introduce an import duty of 5% on vapes and electronic cigarettes.

The Russian authorities extended the moratorium on business inspections until the end of this year in December 2022. The secretariat of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Grigorenko clarified that the resolution does not imply a complete abandonment of inspections; now a risk-based approach is being used in Russia.

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