The German Bundestag ridiculed Scholz during his address on the budget crisis

While reading a government address on the country’s current budget crisis, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz became the target of ridicule from members of the Bundestag.

On Tuesday morning, Scholz addressed the German parliament. He discussed with parliamentarians the decision to introduce a state of emergency for the current year to free up part of the frozen budget. Previously, the budget was frozen due to the illegal use by the authorities of loan funds that were not claimed in previous years.
Immediately after the speech began, there was laughter in the Bundestag when Scholz admitted that the budget issue was “not fully clarified from a legal point of view” before the court’s decision.

Ignoring the ridicule, the Chancellor assured that the budget crisis will not affect the lives of ordinary citizens, and social benefits will continue.

The politician also repeated the popular expression that Germany is on the verge of a “new era” similar to the industrial revolution, which caused laughter from some in attendance.

The speech in the Bundestag was shown live on the website of the German parliament.

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