The Federation Council explained the US absence from the parliamentary G20 by the lack of an agenda against the Russian Federation

Delegations from the USA, Canada, France and Germany did not come to India for the IX Summit of the Speakers of the Parliaments of the G20 States due to the lack of an anti-Russian agenda. About it stated member of the Russian delegation at the summit, Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council (SF) Konstantin Kosachev in his Telegram channel.

“The main guardians of democracy and freedom of opinion (USA, Canada, France and Germany) abstained from visiting India, apparently after failing to put their constant anti-Russian two cents on the agenda,” he wrote.

Kosachev noted that the focus of the summit participants was the discussion of issues such as the transition to sustainable energy, gender equality, expanding women’s rights, as well as improving people’s lives through digital platforms. He drew attention to the willingness of India and all delegations from other countries present to work together to “create a safe, just and diverse world.”

The IX Summit of Speakers of Parliaments of the G20 States is taking place in New Delhi from October 12 to 14. The Russian delegation is headed by the Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. This year, the chairman of the parliaments of the G20 states is India, in 2024 it will be Brazil. Kosachev expressed hope that the unification agenda will be maintained next year “while maintaining the current maximum representation of sensible countries.”

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