The European Commission explained why the actions of Israel in Gaza and Russia should not be equalized in Ukraine

Representative of the European Commission Erik Mamer explained why the European Union does not call Israel a “military evil” or an “act of terror” due to the blockade of the Gazi sector, while also talking about Russia’s attacks on energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

Dzherelo: “European truth”From sent to a briefing in Brussels Mamera

Details: The European Commission river official explained that the comment about the “act of terror”, which the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said about Russia’s action in Ukraine in the year 2022, was made in “a very specific context, when it became Xia unprovoked attacks by the country, until the same member for the sake of security UN, for a peaceful discussion.”

“And now the situation is troubling if, I guess, the attacks from Ghazi on Israel continue, and, therefore, Israel is in a situation if it is captured in the extremely flexible theater of military operations,” Mamer added.

“Therefore, we cannot judge here what steps must be taken in order for Israel to fight the Hamas terrorists who have attacked its territory,” he said.

The representative of the European Commission recalled that the EU has publicly and repeatedly called on Israel to comply with international law and report on all efforts to ensure the safety of the civilian population.

The European Commission previously commented on Israel’s decision to turn off electricity and water to the Gazi sector, causing a virtual blockade, as well as large-scale bombing, saying that this –legacy of Hamas.

Recently, top EU diplomat Josep Borrell said that the actions of Israelsuper seal to international law.

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