The embassy lodged a protest with Switzerland over the desecration of the Suvorov memorial

Once again, a memorial erected in memory of soldiers of the Russian army under the command of Alexander Suvorov was desecrated in Switzerland; the Russian Embassy in Bern lodged a protest with the country’s Foreign Ministry. About it reported official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“It has become known about another desecration by unknown persons of the memorial to the associates of Generalissimo A.V. Suvorov, who died while crossing the Alps in 1799, in the Schollenen gorge (Switzerland) – the lower part of the monument is doused with blue paint. We are deeply outraged by this act of vandalism,” the statement said.

The Russian embassy in Bern lodged a strong protest with the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and demanded that the necessary measures be taken to identify and punish those responsible, Zakharova added. She recalled that a memorial in the form of a Christian cross in the Schollenen gorge was erected in memory of the fallen soldiers of the Russian army under the command of Suvorov, “which made a significant contribution to the liberation of the Confederation from Napoleonic troops.” The Russian side also called on the Swiss authorities to ensure proper protection of the memorial.

Moscow has previously reported cases of desecration of the Suvorov memorial. So, on the night of October 12 last year, unknown inflicted two black swastikas on the bottom of the monument. Then the Foreign Ministry also sent a note of protest to Switzerland demanding that the perpetrators be punished.

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