The embassy called the State Department’s words about the risks of staying in Russia myths

US State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller’s statements about unsafe travel to Russia are myths and untrue. stated at the Russian Embassy in the USA.

“There is not even a grain of truth in these words. Russia has always been famous for its hospitality and cordiality,” the diplomatic mission emphasized.

The embassy noted that “myths about the risks of staying in Russia” are told by a representative of the country that has been “hunting” Russian citizens in third countries for 15 years. According to diplomats, there are more than 60 such incidents. The embassy also indicated that the United States is biased towards arrested and extradited Russians. In this regard, the diplomatic mission demanded to stop persecuting Russian citizens and not to draw “artificial dividing lines” between the Russian and American peoples.

In December 2022, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Vershinin toldthat more than 60 Russians are serving sentences in the United States on unfair charges. According to the diplomat, US authorities detain Russian citizens on false charges, and then extradite them to the United States, where they are sentenced to long prison terms, which can amount to tens of years.

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