The DBI suspects the ex-defendant Minister of Justice of wasting 10 million

Officers of the State Bureau of Investigation reported the suspicion of misappropriation of over 10 million UAH to the intercessor of the Minister of Justice.

Dzherelo: DBR, UCPspіvrozmovnik UP in law enforcement agencies

Details: Law enforcement traditionally does not name the suspect, but according to the UP data, they are talking about Vitaliy Vasilik.

As they say at the DBR, before the Ministry of Justice began working, there was a huge posadovets, and Nina a lawyer, who was appointed as the liquidator of the enterprise – a fighter from Vinnytsia.

Instead, you would like to get out of business with the borgs by selling it for a reduced price. According to expert estimates, the difference was over 10 million UAH. With whom the buyer was directly related to the past ruler of his enterprise.

The lawyer was informed about the suspicion of wasting someone else’s money in the way of criminal exploitation by a special service member of his own service station, crimes on a particularly large scale.

The sanction of the statute conveys punishment in the form of a reduction of will for lines up to 12 years.

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