The court fined blogger Igor Sinyak in the case of LGBT propaganda

The Tverskoy Court of Moscow fined beauty blogger Igor Sinyak 200,000 rubles. on an article about LGBT propaganda using the Internet, transmits “RIA News”.

What exactly became the basis for the fine is not specified. Sinyak was found guilty of violating Part 3 of Art. 6.21 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. He was given the maximum possible fine for an individual – 200,000 rubles. For officials and companies, the maximum fine is 400,000 and 4 million rubles. respectively.

Igor Sinyak used to blog on YouTube and talk about cosmetics; now he has a Telegram channel with more than 82,000 subscribers. In August 2023, the head of the Safe Internet League, Ekaterina Mizulina, reported that Sinyak’s Telegram channel was introduced in the register of prohibited sites and is considered dangerous for children.

In November 2021, Basmanny District Court of Moscow attracted the Muz-TV channel was held accountable for promoting non-traditional sexual relationships among children. The reason for this was the channel’s June broadcast of the award presentation, which featured pop singer Philip Kirkorov and rapper Dava (David Manukyan) as a newlywed couple, TikToker and rapper Danya Milokhin in a half-female outfit, and blogger Igor Sinyak in a woman’s dress. Since the award ceremony was shown on the TV channel during the daytime, the court concluded that Muz-TV violated Part 2 of Art. 6.21 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. As a result, the channel was fined 1 million rubles, and its director Andrei Razygraev – 100,000 rubles.

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