The body of the third victim was found under the rubble of the gymnasium near Nikopol

The ritualists on the evening of the 11th came from the rubble of the gymnasium near Nikopol, where the Russians fired at the body of another person.

Dzherelo: DSNS

Details: Behind the notifications of the DSNS, under the rubble, there is one more person ahead. Emergency robots are in operation.

Verbatim: “In total, 3 individuals died, another 2 were injured. According to recent data, gymnasiums were often destroyed, 42 private residential buildings, 18 state-owned spores, a store, power lines, a car, a dormouse were destroyed. and panels”.

What was it blowing?:

  • Former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klimenko having informedthat due to the enemy’s shelling of the gymnasium near Nikopol in the Dnipropetrovsk region, two soldiers of the initial order were killed.

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