The Board of Directors of Positive Technologies approved dividends for 2022

The board of directors of cybersecurity solutions developer Positive Technologies approved the payment of dividends to the company’s shareholders in the amount of 15.8 rubles. on paper. About it reported company press service.

In total, Positive Technologies plans to allocate RUB 1.04 billion to pay dividends. Taking into account the two tranches completed in 2023, the total volume of payments to investors could reach 4.8 billion rubles. This is 3.7 times more than the volume of dividends a year earlier, the company emphasized.

Positive will use the payment of 100% of the adjusted NIC amount – net profit excluding capitalized expenses, according to the press release.

Shares of Positive Group are falling in price for the fourth day in a row. From the peaks of October 16 (RUB 2,567.2), the price of securities on the Moscow Exchange during this period decreased by 11.3% to RUB 2,275.6. The key index of the trading platform at the close of trading on October 19 was 3255.16 points (+0.18%), the IT index was 2934.79 points (+2.17%). Since the beginning of the year, the company’s quotes have increased by 85%, benchmarks by 51.11% and 66.06%, respectively.

Experts interviewed by Vedomosti previously noted that the fall in the value of Positive’s securities may be due to the fact that the company did not announce a decision on dividends immediately after the board of directors meeting, which took place on October 16.

Analysts considered another reason for a possible negative reaction from investors to the company’s announcement of planned additional issues of up to 25% of shares in the event of a doubling of capitalization. Positive Group intends to distribute the new securities among employees and external contributors as remuneration. Such a decision threatens shareholders with dilution of their shares, experts explained.

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