Tatyana Bulanova remembered her main failure in life

Tatyana Bulanova always dreamed of the stage, but at the beginning of her career she decided to enter a theater university to become an actress. However, despite her talent, the artist was faced with a refusal from the selection committee due to speech impediments.

Then the singer was advised not to even think about the stage, noting that she had problems with speech.

I jumped out of there and sobbed. I thought that my life was over with this,” Tatyana said as part of the “Tonight” program on Channel One.


After this failure, Tatyana did not give up, although she was very depressed. Instead of completely abandoning the idea of ​​becoming an actress, she decided to enroll in the evening department of the library department of the Leningrad Institute of Culture, majoring in librarian-bibliographer. Although she hoped to later transfer to the acting department, she had to work in the library for three years in her specialty. But working in the library did not bring her satisfaction, and Tatyana did not like her job.

However, it was thanks to this work in the library that Bulanova began her career as a singer. At one of the creative evenings, the audience admired her vocal abilities.

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