Talk show UP: Winter terror of the Russian Federation, battles for Avdiivka and war in Israel

Winter terror: why wait until the Ukrainian energy infrastructure is ready before the massive shelling of Russian fire pits?

Russia has begun a pressing attack on Avdiivka: what are the occupiers planning so that they can stream the ZSU in bulk?

War in Israel. What is the threat to the Ukrainian side?

This is what we discuss with the guests of the talk show “Ukrainian Truth”:

  • Major Petro Kuzik, commander of the Svoboda battalion,
  • Yegor Chernev, “Servant of the People” faction, intercessor of the head of the National Security and Defense Committee
  • Inna Sovsun, people’s deputy, “Golos” faction
  • Igor Lapin, people’s deputy (2014-2019), ZSU officer in reserve
  • Mustafa Nayem, head of the Agency for Infrastructure Renewal and Development
  • Yuriy Ignat, riverman Command of the Air Defense Forces ZSU
  • Sergey Auslander, Israeli journalist

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