TALK SHOW UP: Biden’s promotion is historic. Rada against the UOC-MP. ATACMS change front?

The Rada launched the defense of the UOC-MP, and to change ATACMS the situation at the front and that Putin and Si settled in Beijing. We discussed this on the talk show “Ukrainian Truth” on the 20th of June at 20:00. The talk show will be broadcast on the UP channel on Youtube.

Studio guests will be:

  • Irina Gerashchenko – people’s deputy of the EU faction,
  • Yaroslav Yurchyshyn – people’s deputy of the “Voice” faction,
  • Evgen Diky is a veteran military analyst.

Also clearly included:

  • Secretary of the RNBO Oleksiya Danilov,
  • kerivnik Avdiivska MBA Vitaliy Barabash,
  • diplomat, minister of foreign affairs 2007-2009 Volodymyr Ogryzk.

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