Sverdlovsk minister reminded residents about “Mowgli” after complaints about water quality


The Minister of Energy and Housing and Communal Services of the Sverdlovsk Region Nikolai Smirnov called on outraged residents to re-read Rudyard Kipling’s story about Mowgli. He made this recommendation in response to a report that dirty water was flowing from taps in the city of Pervouralsk. gave in the comments on your VKontakte page.

“I advise you to re-read the book “Mowgli”. There, during <...> drought, even animals did not attack each other. Now the same misfortune is happening in Pervouralsk – the reservoir from which water is supplied has dried up. Dry summers are a natural phenomenon,” Smirnov wrote.

The official also noted that people pay “pennies” for water supply. According to the minister, “quality directly depends on cost.” Those who pay “hundreds of times less” should not expect high quality, Smirnov added.

At the end of August, due to the shallowing of the Verkhne-Shaitansky drinking pond, a high alert regime was declared in Pervouralsk. Press service of the mayor’s office reportedthat the city has created an operational headquarters with the participation of hydrologists to stabilize the situation with the provision of water to city residents.


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