Survey: 30% of Russians work more than 55 hours a week, which increases the risk of stroke

The survey showed that a significant proportion of Russians work overtime, which can increase the risk of stroke, reports newspaper “Izvestia”.

According to the data World Health Organization (WHO)the likelihood of a stroke increases by about 35% with a weekly workload of 55 hours or more.

The study also found that 64% of Russians admitted that they recycle. Of these, 30% noted that they work more than 55 hours a week, 18% work from 45 to 55 hours, and another 16% work more than 40 hours.

Only a third of respondents reported that they adhere to the standard weekly work rate of no more than 40 hours.

In addition to overwork, the risk of stroke increases due to poor diet and low physical activity.

About 11% of respondents are forced to eat fast food, 22% are deprived of time for lunch, and 12% neglect breakfast. At the same time, 34% of respondents spend most of their time at work in a sitting position.

Other data showed that 72% of workers are late at work. Of these, 10% prefer to work when their colleagues have already gone home, another 10% finish things for other employees, and 6% cannot leave on time while the manager is in the office.

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