Surgeon Avakyan: Smoking can lead to gangrene

Smoking can lead to blood supply problems, which, in turn, can lead to gangrene and leg amputation. Surgeon Armen Avakyan spoke about this on Sputnik radio.

According to him, smoking leads to an increase in blood cholesterol levels and, as a result, atherosclerosis – a disease that interferes with the normal blood supply to the lower extremities. Avakyan emphasized that in the first stages of atherosclerosis, a person may feel pain while walking, but then smoking can lead to gangrene.

“When patients come to me with atherosclerosis of the arteries already at the stage of gangrene, already at the stage when it is necessary to amputate the leg, we collect an anamnesis. In 90 percent of cases, they smoke,” said the doctor, recommending a biochemical blood test once a year.

Earlier, the director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Politics, Anton Orlov, proposed removing signs of specialized tobacco stores from the streets. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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