Stylist Chaikina told what to give men on February 23

Representatives of the fairer sex on the eve of February 23 are in search of the perfect gift for men. Style expert Irina Chaikina decided to help them with this. In a conversation with Rambler, she listed win-win gifts.

You can surprise a man with leather or suede gloves. This gift is perfect not only for your significant other, but also for your father, brother and work colleagues.

If a man’s preferences are unknown, Chaikina advises paying attention to a cashmere scarf. It is better to give preference to dark shades, small checkered or without a pattern. Such a classic wardrobe item will always be relevant.

A custom-made shirt is suitable as an individual gift. You can embroider a man’s initials on it. Another option is a leather belt with a custom buckle.

Among other gifts that will please the stronger sex, the expert named a certificate for shopping in a men’s boutique, a set of spinners or a spinning rod.

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