State Duma deputy allowed World of Tanks to be blocked in Russia

The computer game World of Tanks may fall under the scope of the bill on information resources related to the financing of the enemy, adopted by the State Duma, and is blocked. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Information Policy Anton Gorelkin.

As Gorelkin explained, at a meeting of the Council on Physical Education and Sports, President Vladimir Putin “actually” ordered the creation of domestic alternatives to Western multiplayer video games. In this context, he noted that Wargaming, the developer of World of Tanks, announced its support for Ukraine and wants to do this with funds received, including from the Russians.

“World of Tanks even seems to fall under the scope of the bill on information resources that offered assistance to the enemy during an armed conflict, adopted the day before by the State Duma. I wouldn’t be surprised if, after this law comes into force, the Prosecutor General’s Office comes up with an initiative to block such games,” wrote Gorelkin in his Telegram channel.

October 18 Wargaming reported, which launches the WargamingUnited charity project. The company offers to purchase special packages on Ukrainian themes until November 1. All money received is planned to be used to purchase ambulances for Ukraine.

After this statement, Lesta Game, which in 2022 bought out the Belarusian and Russian business of Wargaming, announced, which has nothing to do with this, and her projects are “outside politics.” The developer also urged people to be careful when paying for purchases, so as not to violate the laws of the Russian Federation or Belarus.

October 18 State Duma accepted a bill that proposes blocking resources to raise funds to finance the enemy in a military conflict. The blocking can be initiated by the Prosecutor General’s Office by contacting Roskomnadzor. The authors of the initiative believe that such resources are a threat to Russia’s security.

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