SPIMEX reports a temporary suspension of trading for the second day in a row

St. Petersburg International Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange (SPIMEX) for the second day in a row suspends bidding in product sections. The reasons for the suspension are not specified.

Thus, on October 17, trading was suspended from 11:25 Moscow time. Already at 12:00 Moscow time, trading in commodity sections in the “Bilateral Counter Auction” mode was resumed. Later, the site clarified that they will continue until 14:00 Moscow time, with the exception of the “Natural Gas” section.

Bidding in the “Timber and building materials” section in the “one-sided auction” mode is resumed as follows: for submitting applications for sale from 12:15 Moscow time to 12:45 Moscow time, for submitting applications for purchase from 12:45 Moscow time to 13:55 Moscow time

Trading in the “Natural Gas” section in the “bilateral counter auction” mode will be resumed and will continue for instruments with a delivery period of “one day” at the balance points “622.5 km (Lokosovo)” and the Parabel CS from 12:00 – 12 :30, at the balance points “KS Nadym” and “SSPHG” – from 12:30 to 13:00 Moscow time.

October 16 site suspended trading from 11:25 Moscow time, without giving a reason. A representative of SPbMTSB declined to comment in a conversation with Vedomosti.

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