Speak to the Maidan: Try 6 middle-aged Vikonians of mass shootings of 20 years

For the procedural care of the prosecutors of the UCP, the State Bureau of Investigation completed the pre-trial investigation and filed before the trial the indictment of one hundred six police officers of the special forces company “Berkut”, the middle-aged Viconavians of mass shootings in the activists of the Euromaidan on February 20, 2014.

Dzherelo: Office of the Prosecutor General, DBRjournalist of “Ukrainian Truth” in law enforcement agencies

Details: For the UP data, we go about Dmitry Isakov, Roman Panchenko, Evgen Pronoza, Evgeniy Taranukha, Volodymyr Trepachov and Oleg Shabash.

The investigation established that on February 20, 2014, on the street. Institution in the Kiev city police officers of the special duty company of the PMOP “Berkut”, subordinated to the GUMVS of Ukraine in the Kiev city stood before the participants of the protest action, a standard smooth-bore and an automatic fire-rifle Well, I’m ready, I’ve organized my fighting supplies. As a result, 48 people died and 90 protesters were seriously injured.

At a further level, the crime was stolen, damaged and captured. Some of them were found and identified during investigation.

While the other 14 police officers in this area, also counting before the executions, are in the final stages of investigation, the DBR is reporting.

The indictment was reserved for trial in a special procedure in absentia (in absentia), as a result of which the accused were accused of being rehabilitated on the territory of the aggressor country and became citizens of the Russian Federation.

It is also clear that the accused were taken away in absentia from the vicinity of the trimanny under the wart.

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