Softline has determined the placement price for an additional issue of shares

The board of directors of the Russian software developer Softline has determined the cost of placing an additional issue of shares. About this company reported on the Corporate Disclosure Center website.

The additional issue of securities will be launched on the stock exchange at the price of the main shares at the close of trading on the previous day. All members of the Softline board of directors supported this decision without objection. The volume of issue is not specified.

The price of the company’s shares by 12:29 Moscow time amounted to 183.06 rubles. – 2.1% less than at the close of trading in the main session the day before. The Moscow Exchange index amounted to 3225.47 points (+1.04). Since the beginning of the company’s listing on the trading platform, the securities have risen in price by 23.2%, the benchmark during this period increased by 5.7%.

At the start of trading on the Moscow Exchange, the share of Softline shares in free float was 15.7%. The indicator included securities that former holders of Noventiq’s global depositary receipts (GDRs) received during the exchange, as well as shares that the corporation’s employees received as part of a long-term incentive program.

Main trading in Softline shares started on the Moscow Exchange on September 26, but the securities became available to investors the day before in the negotiated transactions (RPS) mode. The company went public after completing the exchange of Noventiq receipts for shares as part of the division of Noventiq Holdings’ business into Russian and international.

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