Slava admitted why she let her husband into the house after he cheated

Slava recently broke up with her civil partner Anatoly Danilitsky. Furious, she revealed that her partner had cheated on her and didn’t want to be with him anymore. However, later she still decided to forgive him.

Slava emphasized that Anatoly asked for forgiveness, and ultimately, she gave in. According to her, they both did a lot of stupid things during their civil marriage, since they both have complex characters. However, they are still together, writes popcake.

The artist made a new confession and emphasized that there are those who might not be able to forgive Anatoly for his action. But their feelings overcame all difficulties. By the way, at the end of their temporary break, Slava had to turn to a psychologist. She realized that she could not cope with what happened on her own.

The celebrity admitted that psychology in Russia does not receive due recognition, although specialists can truly help people overcome their problems. Slava does not consider it shameful to see a doctor, so she was able to cope with her emotions and reunite with her husband.

Earlier it was reported that citizens of the Russian Federation appreciated the re-shot finale of the series “The Boy’s Word.” Similarities in the material Public News Service.

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