Six State Duma deputies have never come to plenary sessions since the beginning of the session

Six deputies of the State Duma have not participated in a single meeting since the beginning of autumn, Vedomosti found out, having analyzed the attendance of meetings by deputies based on data on their voting.

The average participation rate of deputies in plenary sessions from September 19 (the first meeting of the autumn session) to October 11 is the lowest for the A Just Russia – For Truth (SRZP) faction – almost 83%, the highest for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation – almost 99%. United Russia (UR) deputies attended an average of 91% of meetings.

The analysis showed that among United Russia members, Khizri Abakarov (member of the youth policy committee, elected from Dagestan), Adam Delimkhanov (first deputy head of the security committee, from Chechnya), Alexander Polyakov (committee on agrarian issues, from the Tambov region), Artur Chilingarov (committee on international affairs, from Tuva, Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk Territory).

The State Duma explained that Chilingarov and Abakarov are on sick leave. Judging by messages on Adam Delimkhanov’s Telegram channel, he worked in the region in September and October.

SRZP deputy Vadim Belousov (committee for protection of competition, his regions – Udmurtia, Kirov and Tambov regions), who was wanted for a large bribe, and deputy Evgeniy Marchenko (committee on youth policy, from St. Petersburg), who, according to the State Duma, is on vacation.

Vedomosti’s interlocutors in the State Duma note that many deputies from different factions are not present at plenary sessions, but their colleagues vote for them – they have not yet abandoned this practice, although this is prohibited by the rules of the lower house of parliament.

On October 11, State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin at a meeting decided remind the deputies in what cases their powers are terminated, and read out the norm of the law. According to it, powers can be terminated in case of failure to fulfill the duties of a deputy for 30 or more calendar days.

“If a person does not come to a meeting, this is a failure to fulfill his duties. Failure to fulfill duties also means not meeting with your constituents. We must feel this responsibility,” Volodin said.

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