Singer Yuri Loza told how to deal with artists who left Russia

Songwriter and composer Yuri Loza expressed the opinion that artists who left the country and express anti-Russian views should simply be forgotten. According to the artist, the best punishment for them would be to be forgotten.

Loza emphasized that there is no need to repeat or discuss the statements of artists who criticize Russia. He stressed the importance of ignoring such situations, as this, according to him, only gives meaning to their words.

The composer expressed confidence that it was necessary to follow the principle “The detachment did not notice the loss of a soldier” and not pay attention to shouting into the void. Loza noted that those who criticize Russia rejoice when their words resonate and are popularized.

“Let’s not [их] repeat,” quotes Loza as saying.

Earlier it was reported that the film “The Master and Margarita” directed by Mikhail Lokshin became the box office leader in the Russian Federation and the CIS. Over the past weekend, the film managed to collect 428 million rubles. More about this – in the material Public News Service.

It also became known that singer Yuri Loza offered block negative statements about Russia. The musician believes that any state must protect itself from discredit, including Russia.

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