Singer Sokolovsky did not hide his wedding plans

Musician and dancer Vlad Sokolovsky registered a relationship with his beloved Angelina Surkova, who gave birth to his child. However, things have not yet come to a magnificent wedding. StarHit shares this information.

According to the artist, he and his companion were unable to hold the celebration. The reason for this was Sokolovsky’s approval for the film project. The couple planned to get married back in September last year, but due to Vlad’s busy schedule, the event had to be postponed to April.

Angelina supported her lover. “Lina understands everything perfectly, because we have a certain vision of how we want to do everything,” said the artist.

In addition, he spoke about how he sees the upcoming wedding. According to Vlad, he and Angelina plan to visit the mountains and the sea, and then go to Asia.

Earlier, American actress and producer Reese Witherspoon admitted that she was ready to get married for the third time. Read more on the topicread the material Public News Service.

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