Singapore Olympic Esports Week results LIVE

The first electronic sports event considered by the IOC officially started with the Olympic Esports Week in Singapore, the medal table

Esports lovers celebrate from the beautiful lands of Singapore, the first edition of Olympic Esports Week 2023, a historic event in terms of advances in the inclusion of some of the professional electronic sports scenes in the world, an industry that is becoming more relevant with the capture of large masses of public with particular interests in esports events.

Day two of Olympic Esports Week 2023

The Just Dance event was for France

Gala dancer Amandine ‘TheFairyDina’ Morisset captured the title of the first edition of the Olympic Esports Week 2023 from Singapore.

Here are your winners of the first-ever dance competition at the #OlympicEsportsSeries finals!

1st place: Amandine Morisset

2nd place: Joseph Cordero

3rd place: Antonino Pomilia

France Takes Gold In Coastal Sailing Event At Virtual Regatta

The second day of competition began with the virtual sea, with Frenchman Tim ‘UOL Pepitõ’ Carpentier taking first place on the podium with 26.5 points in favor.

1st cabin: Tim Carpentier “UOL Pepitō” FROM

2nd place: Cavan Fyans “Cavan Fyans” GBR

3rd place: Francisco Melo “Magic – ChicoPMelo” BY

Day one of Olympic Esports Week 2023

The first archery gold in Esports

This is how the results of archery remained, the second Olympic competition to be held.

1er lugar: Jared Montgomery – ‘MontyDey’

2nd place: David Chan – ‘than’

3er lugar: Takebayashi Kyosuke – ‘ZouSenpai’

Rocket League had an exhibition at the Esports Olympic Week

The second event was in charge of the Exhibition Showmatch by the finalist teams, both female and male, from the Rocket League competitive scene.

In the first duel, the professional players of G2 Luna and Resolve, later ended the match in their favor with a final score of 3-0.

Meanwhile, in the men’s match, Karmine Corp lifted the title after beating pro players Gen.G 3-0.

Team Fuego takes the first gold medal of the Olympic Esports Week

The first competition was held with the Zwift cycling event in Singapore, where four teams made it to the finals, with Team Fuego from Germany taking the first gold.

Here are their top three cycling teams in the Olympic Esports Series.

  • 1st place: Team Fuego
  • 2do lugar: Team Epic
  • 3rd place: Team Lava

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