Shot: Morgenstern* faces deportation under the “B-2 scheme”

According to the SHOT telegram channel, rapper Alisher Morgenstern* faces deportation from Thailand to Russia.

“Morgenstern may face deportation from Thailand to Russia “according to the Bi-2 scheme” – in two weeks he has a concert in Phuket,” the TG channel said.

Now Morgenstern’s lawyers are trying to draw up documents to avoid deportation.

It is worth recalling that the members of the Bi-2 group were detained after a concert at the Illuzion club. The reason was the lack of permission to perform concerts in the country where they arrived on a tourist visa.

Earlier, political scientist Sergei Markov said that Morgenstern* should ask for forgiveness to the residents of Donbass. According to the political scientist, the star supports fascism and genocide. More about this read in the material of the Public News Service.

*Recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation

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