Shaman commented on rumors of a conflict with Leonid Agutin

Singer Yaroslav Dronov, better known under the pseudonym Shaman, commented on rumors about his conflict with artist Leonid Agutin. His words are reported by the Telegram channel “Mash on the Moika”.

Let us recall that earlier information appeared in the media about the conflict between Shaman and Agutin, who allegedly refused to appear on the same stage with Dronov during the New Year’s filming of “Song of the Year” due to personal hostility. According to Shaman’s representative, Agutin did not participate in filming that day because he was in the hospital.

Shaman himself, however, did not comment on the details of the possible conflict: “If you take everything and tell it, it will probably be boring, so I’ll probably keep silent about some details.”

Previously, Shaman gave an interview in which he hinted that the British group Depeche Mode repeated his famous signature trick with a microphone stuck in his pants. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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