Serbian police detained a possible organizer of an armed attack in Kosovo

Serbian police detained businessman and Kosovo Serb leader Milan Radojcic on October 3. He is suspected of organizing a shootout with police on the territory of the Zvecan municipality in Kosovo, reported Associated Press (AP).

Radojcic was left in custody for 48 hours. Police also searched his apartment and other property in Serbia. According to preliminary data, the businessman may be involved in criminal conspiracy, illegal possession of weapons and explosives, as well as crimes against public safety.

The agency’s sources in the prosecutor’s office noted that Radojcic allegedly brought weapons to Belgrade from Bosnia, and then hid them in forests and abandoned sites in Kosovo. His actions endangered the lives of people in the village of Banska in the north of the unrecognized republic, the Serbian supervisory authority added. Radojcic denied all accusations against him.

According to the AP, Radojcic was the deputy leader of the Serbian List. This is a movement that represents the interests of ethnic Serbs in Kosovo. He is supported by the ruling Serbian Progressive Party. Radojcic is considered close to both the party and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

The aggravation of the situation in Kosovo began on September 24 due to an armed clash in the territory of the Zvecan municipality. Kosovo authorities have accused Serbia of involvement in an attack on Kosovo police officers, resulting in the death of one of them. Vucic announced the death of three Serbs in a clash with Kosovo police. Later, police from the unrecognized republic reported the liquidation of several people in the Banska monastery who were allegedly involved in the attack on security forces.

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