Senator Mike Lee gave a four-hour speech to Congress against aid to Ukraine

Senator Mike Lee gave a four-hour speech during consideration of a bill to provide additional aid to Ukraine. In his speech, the Republican senator from Utah urged his colleagues to vote against the project.

In his speech, the senator mentioned many issues, including the possible involvement of the United States in a confrontation with a nuclear power, the corruption of the Ukrainian authorities, the large amount of money already allocated to Kyiv, the migration crisis on the border with Mexico and pressure from Europe. He proposed some amendments to the bill that were rejected by Democrats.

“Let someone tell me when Ukraine was accepted as the 51st state. I must have missed this day. <…> But don’t worry, America. I’m sure this time everything will be different. I’m sure nothing bad will happen. Don’t pay attention to the fact that we are indirectly being drawn into a war <...> with a country that has enough nuclear weapons to kill us many times in a row,” the senator said.

Earlier, Anatol Lieven, director of the Eurasia program at the Quincy Institute in the United States, said that Valery Zaluzhny’s resignation from the post of commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) is due to the fact that Ukraine is preparing for a peace agreement with Russia. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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