Scientific Reports: A wet head can save lives when struck by lightning

Wet scalp can save lives when struck by lightning, scientists have found. The results of their work were published in Scientific Reports.

During the study, they used a 3D model of the human head. She was subjected to an impact similar in strength to a direct lightning strike. It turned out that a wet scalp minimized damage to the model.

The author of the study, Rene Machts, explained that the water film at this moment becomes a kind of protective coating. However, the safest thing to do is find shelter.

The study also confirmed that animals with moist scalps were more likely to survive lightning exposure. But the question of how water influences these processes still remained open.

That is why a team of scientists created models of the human head. They consisted of three layers of substance, each of which had electrodes connected. The first model was dry, the second was treated with a solution, and the third was treated with rainwater. Each of the models was subjected to simulated lightning strikes.

It turned out that the average electric current was 12.5% ​​lower with a wet head. Also, less damage was observed on this model. In the future, scientists plan to find out which material will be safer during a thunderstorm and create hats from it.

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